Coloring Gems

March 04, 2004
Games, Puzzle
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Coloring Gems is a simple game for 1 or 2 players. You can play alone, against a computer player or together with a friend, on the same PC or device.

Gather as many gems as possible by changing the color of your own gems. By changing the color of your you acquire all neighboring gems of the same color. Change the color or your gems by clicking one of the color options above the playing field.

Player 1 starts in the lower left corner of the playing field and player 2 starts in the upper right corner. As an added difficulty, and protecting the players from one another, you can not choose the color that your opponent is currently occupying.


Porgramming, graphics:

Illusion of Gaia, Dark Space

Music, track 1:
Palpable - Marble Dancefloor (availible for download)

Music, track 2:
From Kirby's Air Ride Business Trip Sound Test